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Heivi Kim - Soless Visors:
“My mare Uma is a different horse because of Lindsey's wonderful training. I'm an absent owner and for the past several years, I have never doubted her wonderful care and training of Uma and I'm very detail oriented and picky to say the least. Uma has developed into a very RIDEABLE horse and has been amazing to watch Lindsey develop her into the best horse she can be and can't thank Lindsey enough for all of her dedication and her hard work for my Uma. Uma is truly loved by Lindsey. I truly respect Lindsey's professionalism and highly recommend her effective training for our equestrian partners!”

Rhianna Maevers - Student:
“Lindsey is a wonderful trainer. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful regardless of what level of riding you are at. She has been amazing at helping me get back into riding. Every lesson you have with her is a great experience.”

Bethany Bernatsky - Colleague
“Lindsey is an amazing horsewoman. I have seen her solve problems with very difficult horses which she approaches in a very consistent, systematic way. She trains her horses to be connected and balanced which sets her whole program up for success. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to further their Equestrian education.”

Kaela Thomas - Student:
“Lindsey is one of the best trainers that I have ever encountered. She helps riders reach their goals no matter what they may be. If you want to show, trail ride, or just feel more balanced in the saddle, she is the person to help get you there. She helps you and your horse build a solid foundation. Whether your horse is $500 auction horse or a $100,000 pedigreed jumper, Lindsey treats everyone the same and welcomes anyone who is dedicated and wants to learn. I recommend Lindsey as a trainer and a coach to everyone.”

Lindsey Smith
Resident Trainer at Liston Stables

Renegade Equestrian welcomes all levels of riders with a primary focus on three day eventing, jumpers, and dressage.

Lindsey teaches all disciplines with a strong basis in natural horsemanship principles, helping to bridge the communication gap between horse and rider. Lindsey specializes in young horses, off the track thoroughbreds, and has a soft spot for the horses labeled “difficult.” With Lindsey’s long resume of starting horses and bringing them up the levels in their perspective disciplines, you can feel confident that your horse is in knowledgeable and gentle but firm hands. Lindsey encourages learning for her students in not just riding but all aspects of horse management care. Growing up in the United States Pony Club, Renegade Equestrian puts a very strong emphasis on safety, correct horsemanship, as well as a strong team atmosphere around the barn. We offer instruction to both kids and adults, ages 6 and up.


With 20 years of riding and horse management experience, Lindsey Smith has been around horses her entire life. After a brief stint of doing western pleasure at 4 years old, Lindsey discovered jumping and never looked back. Growing up in the United States Pony Club, she learned from an early age how important correct horse management knowledge is, as well as important foundational knowledge in the saddle for English disciplines. She also discovered the sport of three day eventing and fell in love. She rode in pony club until the age of 12, when she met her mentor, now United State Equestrian Team member, Tamra Smith. Lindsey then spent her teens competing with Tamie as well as being a working student under her tutelage, where she learned valuable knowledge on how to train and compete at the upper levels of eventing. During those years, Lindsey produced her horse, an off the track thoroughbred “Renegade” aka “Bobby” to the FEI 2*L level. During that time, she also worked for a natural horsemanship trainer that taught her “to think like a horse,” and taught her valuable skills that she believes really sets her apart in training young horses. At the age of 19, Lindsey started training and giving lessons on her own, and started her own business, Renegade Equestrian. From there she discovered her love of developing young horses, off the track horses, and the more quirky horses, and quickly developed the reputation of being able to bring just about any horse out of its shell. Lindsey is continuing to make a name for herself developing young horses and has quite the resume, with plenty of testimonials from happy clients over the years. Lindsey’s goal for the future is to start and produce a horse from the beginning all the way to the advanced level of eventing. Lindsey enjoys showing her own horses, client horses, as well as cheering her students on at home and at shows.

Price List:

Full Training: $575 a month
Includes 5 days a week of training (up to 3 lessons a week, and 2 trainer rides)

3/4 Training: $475 a month
Includes 4 days a week of training
(Up to 2 lessons a week, and 2 trainer rides)

Half Training: $375 a month
Includes 3 days a week of training (Up to 2 lessons a week, and 1 trainer ride)

*please note that these are training packages for boarded horses at Liston Stables. Haul in’s and people coming for lessons on Renegade Equestrian owned horses must pay for lessons individually. Please see price list for individual lesson prices.

Individual lesson: $50
*please note: lesson length times are subject to what Lindsey thinks is best and depend on what we are working on in the lesson. We do not go off a specific time that each lesson needs to be, but go off of the rider/horses fitness and skill levels. Beginner riders will usually have longer lessons with more breaks than more experienced riders will have. The goal for every lesson is to walk away feeling to have learned something, not how long the lesson is. Lesson lengths will never be less than 30 minutes and never more than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Trainer Rides: $35
*note under individual lessons applies

Haul in fee: $10 applicable to Venice Liston, please bring separate check.

Coaching at shows/XC Schooling: $60 per day

Hauling: $50 per trip to anywhere in Riverside County, $70 for anywhere in San Diego County, rates subject to change at anytime and are more for any other counties.

Horse Management Lesson:
1 hour of topic of students choosing

Renegade Equestrian Rules:

- During instruction with Renegade Equestrian, helmets and boots with a heel are required, no exceptions
A liability release must be signed before any activity involving horses.
Any borrowed equipment must be put back. If lost, client must be prepared to replace.

- Monthly training payments can be made at the beginning of the month, or pay as you go. Absolutely no cash refunds. If makeups are required, they must be completed within 1 calendar month of missed lesson, or the makeup is forfeited. Makeups are only accepted at Liston Stables and can not be used towards shows or off the property schoolings.

- Payments for shows (rail fee, hauling fee if horse is hauled by Renegade Equestrian) must be completed by the end of the show weekend. Late payments will be charged $10 a day until payment is made.

- If horse is in training board, a 30 day notice must be given before leaving. A $100 fee will be applied if no notice is given.

- Training spots come first come, first serve. Spots will only be held with a cash deposit and spots are limited.

- While we do offer occasional lessons on our horses to better assist you in your riding, we do not a have a large lesson horse program. We strongly encourage having your own horse to learn on or can assist in finding a horse to either lease or purchase. We do not offer lesson horses more than twice a month at this time.

For Training: contact Lindsey at 951 227-9240

For boarding: contact Venice at 951 660-7442



Lindsey with her students




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