BETHANY BERNATSKY ~ Bethany has been training and showing horses for over 35 years


We would like to bid farewell to Bethany as she has accepted a great job offer in Vermont.  We wish her well in her career. We will miss her and hope she visits us often!

Bethany has been training and showing horses for over 35 years, specializing in an intuitive yet systematic approach to opening the harmonious communication between horse and rider. She has competed in Hunters/Jumpers, Dressage through Intermediare, ridden and trained through all of the Grand Prix movements. Bethany has also participated in many exhibitions internationally, demonstrating all of the High School movements including the Airs Above the Ground. She is currently Assistant Head trainer at Medieval Times in Buena Park. While she feels the entertainment industry serves a purpose, her main passion at this point in her life is to share the knowledge that has so generously been shared with her.

Her riding career began at the age of 2 ½ with her father George Bernatsky. Over the years she accredits much of her knowledge to other talented classical horseman such as Wolfgang May, Mykola Pawlenko, Ulrich Schmitz, Jan Ebeling, Bill Woods, Charles de Kunffy, and Gerhard Ablinger. Additionally her experience and education come from working with many breeds at various levels including Lipizzans, Andalusians, Friesians, Warmbloods, Arabians, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, and various types of crosses.

No matter the level of her success, Bethany has always held firmly that the comfort of the horse’s mentaland physical well-being should never be compromised to accommodate quick results. The mind as well as the body must be properly conditioned with a solid foundation to ensure results that will not infringe upon the longevity of the ability to perform. Bethany has a very gentle, almost ethereal approach to training that creates happy, relaxed horses and even happier more relaxed riders. Using intuition, experience, and the basics of dressage. 


Bethany has experience in the show ring and in the entertainment ring as well



Bethany coaching Student at Dressage Show


Bethany performing
at Medival Time Theater

Bethany Bernatsky Wonderful rider and Trainer

Click to watch video of Bethany & Her Equestrian Journey


Bethany performing
at Medival Time Theater


Bethany Bernatsky


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