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Liston Stables
is please to introduce
Jutta Schott,
Feitlehrer FN

Clinics with Jutta
Requires minimum of 3 riders

Those wishing to attend must
reserve their ride time in advance. 

Those wishing to Trailer in for Clinics, and Lessons are Welcome!

Fee to lesson with Jutta: $75 per 45 minutes
There is a $10 arena fee for those who trailer in.

About Jutta Schott

Jutta has been a professional rider and trainer since 1968. She received her training in Germany and is licensed by the German National Equestrian Federation to teach and train both horse and rider at all levels, including FEI.

Jutta received the title "Bereiter" in 1972, authorizing her to train and teach through second level. She was certified "Reitlehrer FN" in 1981 which authorized her to train both horse and rider through FEI levels. This certification was earned in Warendorf, Westphalia and is awarded only upon completion of vigorous courses of study and demonstrated riding ability.

She also holds the German Bronze and Silver medal. After teaching and competing in Germany, Jutta and her mare went to Vienna, where she spent seven years as an assistant trainer at the stable of Arthur Kottas, Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. While in Vienna, Jutta continued to train and competeon her mare until she sold her at Prix St. George Level. She also received her Austrian Instructors License.

Jutta lives and teaches in Southern California. Her students are competing  successfully at all levels. Jutta teaches clinics in Montana, Nevada and Northern California.

Jutta's training methods are true classical dressage. She formulates a systematic instruction plan for each of her students and the horse they ride. Ever aware  that only a good seat correctly influences the horse. Jutta emphasizes seat correction and how to apply the aids. She welcomes lower level riders and their horses as this gives her the opportunity to begin the development of correct basics without which there is no supple and free upper level work.

Jutta is equally at home with the rider who wants to compete or with the rider who simply wants to ride well. The success of the German riders int he international dressage arena and the fame of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna speak for themselves. Jutta comes well-credentialed and well-qualitfied and for her own continued education she is a member of the association of professional trainers and instructors.

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