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Private Boarding Facility Located in Woodcrest.
Family Owned & Operated
Liston Stables is a full care horse boarding facility
offering a comfortable and fun environment for you and your horse.

Training programs available with our resident trainer Arika Condon, or clinic with Jill Beltran.

Retired horses welcome however you must pay for a stall as we do not have 24 hr turn out, only half days 5 days a week. Our pastures are dirt and turn out times can change with additional horses here.

Trailer-ins welcome for lessons, training and clinics - Trailer-in fee applies.

Fully Covered Stalls 12'x16' & 12' x 24'
with walls and livestock wire
Our barns are well lighted.
All stalls have automatic water dispensers

Auto-waters and additional 20 qt. water buckets to hang on stall . We fill up the 20 qt buckets everyday, once in the afternoon. We make sure all autowaters are working. A 20 qt bucket is an extra just in case a autowater does not work in the night. Buckets are wash out once a week. Since this is a extra service offered, boarders are welcome to clean and fill their own buckets more often as they feel necessary. Auto waters are inspected daily and cleaned about every 2 to 3 days as necessary. We don't like to waste water. Due to water conservation, we no longer will offer large water barrels.. Read more info on this...

Box Stalls are 12' x 16'

All box stalls have Nelson waters
w/consumption indicators, mist system
and fans.

Foaling Barn is fully covered 36 x 36
Total privacy for mare and foal. Foaling barn has 2 fans.
Fed three times a day Alfalfa and/or Teff.

Stalls cleaned twice per day Monday - Friday, once per day Saturdays and Sundays
Choice of Quality Teff and/or Alfalfa Hays

Standard 12' x 24' covered stalls and Box Stalls

All stalls include shavings. If you desire to buy more you are welcome to. *Additional bags can be purchased at $7.50 per bag.
(Bag price subject to change at any time).

Also included:

  • Fans in stalls
  • Mist system in stalls
  • Nelson Waterers with consumption indicators
  • Rubber mats in stalls
  • Barns can be closed up during cold winter nights or storms
  • 220' x 80' Lighted Arena - Frequently Groomed and Watered
  • Small Lighted Training Arena
  • 60' Round Pen
  • Turn Out Arena
  • Shaded Grooming Areas
  • Multiple Grooming & Wash Racks
  • Mounting Blocks
  • Several Large Tack Rooms
  • Modern Restroom with Shower
  • & Miles & Miles of Trails!


Shaded Observation Deck on Main Arena



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Price List of Boarding & Services

For additional information contact:
Jim or Venice at
Cell: 951-660-7442


Please Note: Children are welcome at Liston Stables.
However, children must be under adult supervision at all time!
Liston Stables does not provide child care on grounds.
It is boarder's responsiblity to provide responsible supervision for your children while on site at Liston Stables.
At no time may your children be left unattended.

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