Private Boarding Facility Located in Woodcrest.
Family Owned & Operated
Liston Stables is a full care horse boarding facility
offering a comfortable and fun environment for you and your horse.
Price List of facility services



12 x 24 Full Covered

Regular Board includes Teff or Alfalfa Hay

All stalls include shavings. If you desire to buy more you are welcome to. *Additional bags can be purchased at $7.50 per bag. (Bag price subject to change at any time).

Full Covered Stalls
12 x 16 Full covered - $550 per month
with walls and livestock wire without fans
12 x 16 Full covered - $600 per month
with walls and livestock wire with fans
12 x 24 Full covered - $650 per month
with walls and livestock wire
  Feed twice a day


12 x 16 Box stalls - $700 per month
Feed twice a day
Foaling Barn - 36 x 36 Fully Covered - $800 per month


Shavings, well lit stall, two fans, total privacy for mare and foal. Fed three times a day Alfalfa and Teff or you can change to other hay at an additional fee for Orchard or Timothy.

  • Stalls are cleaned twice per day Mondays - Fridays, and once per day on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • If you have a miniature horse (not a pony) and is on special feed board is $250
  • Your board includes ONLY 4 FLAKES OF HAY, about 20 lbs whether it is alfalfa, Teff or Bermuda. If your horse requires additional hay, please refer to the section below on additional hay costs.
  • Orchard and Timothy has additional costs as this is a more expensive hay please see price list below for more information.
Other options available for your horse:
Turn outs are offered for approximately 1 - 2 hours per turn out. See notes below for additional information on turn outs.
Replacement of Timothy or Orchard hay instead of Teff or Alfalfa:
1 flake a day ~ add $60 per month
2 flakes a day ~ add $80 per month
3 flakes a day ~ add $100 per month
4 flakes a day ~ add $120 per month

12 x 16 Box Stalls
.Additional Lunch feeding of Oat, Orchard, Bermuda, Timothy, Teff or Alfalfa hay: $60 per month
Additional feeding of supplements, and medications: $55 per month  - Horse owner provides supplements and medications.
Blanketing Program: $75 per month for 2 blankets, $10 for any additional blanket

Please Note:

  • Our facility hours are 7 am - 8 pm. Gates are closed by 7:30 pm (unless returning from show/event). Gates unlocked outside regular hours upon arrangement on Show Days.
  • Boarders may visit on Sundays, however, we prefer no one rides or lunge Sunday.
  • On available Hays -there are no other alternatives other then what is posted here. No buying your own hay or any other alteration from what is posted here. No Exceptions.
  • We do not soak hay at our facility.
  • All boarders must give a 30 day notice prior to removing horse(s) from premises.
  • No Board Refunds under the following circumstances:
    • If you are gone for a show for any amount of time.
    • If you decided to leave before the 30 days are up.
    • If your horse gets sick or dies.
    • If you are asked to leave for being disruptive, putting our facility,others persons and/or horses in harms way, or for disrespecting our management team and our rules.
    • If you sell your horse - even if you put your horse for sale beginning of the month you must pay in advance, no refunds even if horse sells right away.
      • Please include in your sales price the board for that month so you get it back through the sell of the horse.
  • Putting on and taking off fly masks is a FREE service. There is no charge, however, if it becomes a problem we reserve the right to not provide this service.
  • If your horse is problematic in getting his/her blanket on and off, I reserve the right to not do it for the safety of me and my staff.
  • We offer auto-waters, and additional 20 qt. water buckets to hang on stall . We fill up the 20 qt buckets everyday, once in the afternoon. We make sure all autowaters are working. A 20 qt bucket is an extra just in case a autowater does not work in the night. Buckets are wash out once a week. Since this is a extra service offered, boarders are welcome to clean and fill their own buckets more often as they feel necessary. Auto waters are inspected daily and cleaned about every 2 to 3 days as necessary. We don't like to waste water. Due to water conservation, we no longer will offer large water barrels.
  • Turn outs are approximately 1 - 2 hours. The schedule will always be subject to change according to how many horses we have. Turn outs on Mon - Friday, No turn out service on weekends. Boarders may turn out their own horses on weekend and will be responsible for returning their horse to his/her paddock or stall. If your horse is dangerous to handle, I reserve the right to not handle your horse.
  • We reserve the right to change and move turn outs as we see fit for schedule needs and/or concerns. Night time turn outs are also also subject to change if we see fit.
  • Our arena is set up for flat work. No Barrel racing or reining allowed.
  • We do not have children's instructors or programs.
  • Children are welcome at Liston Stables.
    However, children must be under adult supervision at all time!
    Liston Stables does not provide child care on grounds.
    It is boarder's responsiblity to provide responsible supervision for your children while on site at Liston Stables.
    At no time may your children be left unattended.
  • All prices are subject to change

12 x 24 Full Covered Stall
For additional information contact:
Jim or Venice at
Cell: 951-660-7442

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